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About Up.Bike

Our mission is simply to take the joy of the ride and extend it to all the times before, after, and between with our bicycle storage ideas for you bikes and your gear. We'll get there through our passionate dedication to our bicycle storage solutions as absolutely the best, most beautiful systems for storing, displaying, transporting, and working on your cycling gear, as well as off-bike casual wear and accessories that carry the spirit of the ride with you when you’re not in your happiest place. Your garage bicycle storage will be your second happiest place! We will dedicate a percentage of our net revenue to youth and bicycle safety organizations, so that the most people can experience the joy of cycling.

Our vision is that every serious recreational cyclist will know of and aspire to “up” their bike and “Raise Their Gear” – that we are the high-end standard in home bicycle workshop storage, display, and organization in the world.