Custom Frame Painting?  We do that!


Custom is cool.  We only allow ourselves to do a few frames a year.  Our artistic team dumps their soul into each frame to make sure they are unique and special that brings out the ideas and sketches you provide.  We use nothing but the best IPG paints and vinyls.

Cost?  Well, it's not cheap.  This is a very labor intensive process.  Price drivers are factors like: is the frame ready to paint, does it need to be stripped, just sanded, repaired?  How many colors are going to be used, graphics, and vinyl lettering?  How much design needs to be done?  A ready to paint single color no graphics will be around $500.  Sanding prepping frame can be around $300-$500.  Each added color is typically around $500.  Graphics around $25 each.  This should give you a ballpark feel for what cost will be.

Please contact us for additional details or interest.  email or call 1.833.294.3357