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The Bike Washing Station That Makes Scrubbing Easy

A clean bike is a fast bike.  There is no reason to make the chore awkward and unsafe.  Securely fasten your bike, remove the wheels and place in the Wheel Tree, and spray and scrub away!

Suggestions for location are side of the house, porch fence, trailer, rear of van, or a simple 4x4 post in the ground.

Wash Your Bike. 

The Bike Wash Station includes (2) Wallflowers, (1) Wheel Tree, and (1) Workstation.

That's everything you need to get your bike cleaned up and ready for the next ride. 

How To Clean Your Bike. 

- Mount it securely

-Remove wheels

-Remove all accessories

-Rinse with a gentle spray (don't use a power washer)

-Use soapy water on the frame

-Do the drivetrain last and consider using a degreaser


-Wipe and ride to dry! 

It's easy. For a full checklist, head over to our blog

***Note: clamp styles may different from the photos based on availability at time of order.

Recommended mounting heights:  5' high clamp, 6' high wheel tree, and 4' apart.








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5 Stars
Bike Wash Station

Really nice design. Easy to mount the two plates for the arm and the wheel hangers. I wasn't expecting the arm and hangers to clip into the plates. Really nice design that you can pop it off and take it in for the winter. I mounted mine to a 4x4. Very stable. Perfect for the wash station.