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Front Shock Dyno is finally here!  Are you wondering how to front mountain bike shock performance?  The front suspension for dyno is what you need.

Designed for affordability AND excellent performance.  Raise Your Gear and rebuild and tune your front fork shocks using a repeatable process check.  The removable handle allows for a small footprint when not in use.

The Dyno is constructed using 304 12 gauge stainless and welded for strength by our AWS qualified fabricators to produce a lifetime product.  If you work on mountain bike suspension forks, you need this tool. your shop and take tuning to the next level!  Operating instructions can be found at this link.

Note:  fasteners for attaching to bench top not included.





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Width: 12.00
Height: 18.00
Depth: 30.00
SKU: TH-34

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