Bike Transportation - Rack, trailer or Van?

by Dan Ellis @

If your like most cyclists you probably got into the sport for fitness.   Nothing burns off the calories and mental stress better than a bike in our opinion.  So, you thought "all i need is a bike".  And, well, you know the rest of the story.  Bike turned to shoes, then a bike stand, and before you know it you have an entire local bike shop in your basement.  Now we have great storage solutions to help you out there.  Check out our Bike Storage and Tool Storage.  But what about when you need to take your basement LBS on the road to a race.  Or a how about the family bike vacation in Bentonville (you need to go to Bentonville, AR).  Here are a few options:

#3 Pick. I hit the mega-millions - Sprinter Van - If you spend more time on the road biking than at home, don't mind van life, and have the cash this is where it's at. There are so many options and builds out there that you can really customize to your life. Our favorite is the Vandoit Do. These guys really know outdoors and understand how to customize for bikes.

#2 Pick.  The obvious most affordable - The trusty bike rack - There are quite a few out there.  We are fans of bike racks that do not touch the bike frame whatsoever.  Anything that touches the frame is bound to scratch or damage over time.  Our #1 pick is Kuat's new Piston ProX.  Ease of use, adjustability right-to-left to help with stacking bikes, and the built in tail light for safety are a few of the reasons we love this rack.  Pick #2 is the rock solid 1UP. Just a rock solid bike rack with ability to offset to stack bikes and even made in the USA!

#1 Pick. Versatility machine - Trailer Adventure Hub - This is our top pick simply because of the flexibility.  Trailers can carry bikes, gear, and even bedding to camp in. You can unhitch and use your car freely when you get to your destination.  Want to camp in cold or hot weather?  Hub's are insulated and come with heat and AC.  No where to plug in and want to go completely off grid?  The Hub's custom solar and battery storage is neatly packed away and provides the power for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and accessories.  The Adventure Hub's are custom built to each owners needs.  From the size to the accessories we help make sure the Hub works for you.