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Trail stewards see the singletrack winding through the trees before the rest of us. This is their paint brush - better than any McLeod you've ever used. 
All good mountain biking starts with a trail.  And all GREAT mountain biking trails start long before most shredders even know something magical is being crafted.  
These trails are crafted by the hardest working elves out there.  TE's (trail elves) slip in and out of the woods without their presence being know creating the flowiest of trails and responsible for putting the "G" in gnar. (Yep, that's how that got there)
We worked with our local trail association to perfect the trail implement design. After a few prototypes we knew we had a tool that would hold up to the harshest conditions.
The Slayer is constructed of A400 steel plate, properly preheated, tig welded, and hand sharpened.  A solid 1 1/2" x 48" diameter ash handle is the candle on top.  Weight is right around 5.25 lbs.
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Width: 8.00
Height: 51.00
Depth: 8.00

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5 Stars

These tools are legit! Very well made.

5 Stars
Must have to remove turf

If you are removing turf for any garden, bike path, trail blazing this is a must have project. It tears through large roots, pulls up deep rooted turf and creates a flat surface. You will also get an excellent whole body work out!

5 Stars
Good Balance

I was expecting the Slayer to weigh more overall, but it is much lighter than I expected while still feeling solid. This is down to the handle being made of ash wood. Since most of the weight is in the head of the tool it swings well and digs in without much effort. Exactly the weight balance you would want in a McLeod to make cutting line quick work. I also spent a short time cutting fire line in California with a McCloud, but this is a huge upgrade from the standard issued fire department McLeod. The Slayer would have made life so much easier then. It also looks way better.

5 Stars
Trail Slayer

Built tough, and not as heavy as it looks in the photos. Working some trails with the new Trail Slayer and wish I had made the purchase sooner. Can clean up and fix trail surface with one tool, and it's literally like a walk in the park doing some trail clean-up. Great quality, price, and durability.