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Terracotta Mountain Bike Trail Tool

This is the tool for clay!  The wide teeth allow for thick clay and denser soils to pass through rake much easier than our Loamer (which is great in loose dry soils)
The Terracotta is the versatile companion to help maintain and freshen your trails.  A great tool to follow behind machinery and smooth out tracks.  While also having the slight curvature and backbone to shape and cut annoying roots.
This isn't your old garden rake.  The 5 1/2" x 14" 3/16 AR400 blade is built with a solid ash 1 1/2" diameter x 48" handle to hold up to the roughest conditions and abusive users.  The Terracotta is 4-sided so that you can rake and freshen, scrap and mold, and small root cut and dig.  All by flipping the tool!  No more packing in with three separate tools.
Compare the Terracotta to our other trail tools or pick up another option to add to your trail building quiver. 
Show your trail crew what you are made of with the Terracotta!
Cut. Rake. Shape and Move. Then shred that gnar!
 14" x 5 1/2"
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Width: 14.00
Height: 48.00
Depth: 5.50
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5 Stars
Terracotta Multipurpose Tool

I am so glad I found this company. You can’t go to your local hardware store and find anything like this. I absolutely love the Terracotta. It rakes loose rock with ease, digs, trenches, and takes out roots like butter. Keep up the great work and thank you for offering such a great line of trail maintenance tools. And one more thing, I use it in my own home garden.

5 Stars

These tools are legit! Very well made.

5 Stars
Perfect for maintenance!

As a local volunteer/trail champion, it's fantastic only having to carry 1 tool with me to perform maintenance on our trails! Or even building new trail. I used to have to pull a trailer with a Bow Rake, Mattock, and Concrete Placer. The Terracotta combines all these into one that I can carry on my backpack, making maintenance much more accessible. Very stoked to have this tool!