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The Classic Track Setter makes grooming simple. 

The Setter's design focus was ease of use, compactness, and outlasting durability.  Use is simple:  add any Olympic weight (if needed on top of 41 lb dry weight), hook to your favorite vehicle or brother-in-law, and begin to drag.  You can now go where most Classic groomers cannot.  Through the Jack Pine plantation, around the Christmas tree farm, past Aunt Mabel's prized pumpkin patch, and into Hop Lot's watering hole.  There are very few barriers to grooming! 

Classic Skiing Groomer: Our Design

The shoes and cutters are removable and adjustable. This makes narrowing up tracks for the youth a breeze. Or by removing the pan can be used as a compactor for flat grooming only.  Perfect for snowshoe, running, and fat bike grooming.

Construction is made up of 304 Stainless, Aluminum, and Plastic for the shoe setters.  The footprint is 23"W x 30"L.

Want to next level your groom?  Hook up the Setter to the Yeti groomer and used as a "caboose" which will give the ultimate red carpet look. 

Our machine of choice for grooming is a Yamaha SnoScoot to become your fat bike single track grooming machine outfitted with our SnoScoot Hitch. supports the trail associations with boots on the ground!  Our "Share & Shred" program will donate $10 to NMMBA and $10 to any other trail association of your choosing with each sale.


*****These are Built-to-order, expect a 2-3 week shipping window after order received******




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Shipping Cost: $75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Width: 24.00
Height: 18.00
Depth: 36.00
MPN: RA-48
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