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Don't fix it if it aint broke!  That's what we kept in mind while designing our narrow trail snow roller - Riley's Roller Groomer.  Even it's name comes from one of our well known classic fat bike trails here in Traverse City, Michigan.

Riley's Roller is another great tool to add to your grooming arsenal.  Great for the early season snow for preserving and packing snow.  And nice for the light accumulation days where just a quick pass is needed.  And it's 25" footprint is perfect for single-pass fat bike single track. 

But what makes this design shine?  Weight, durability, and simplicity.  Constructed from 6061 aluminum to keep the weight to manageable 77 lbs so that it can be pulled by smaller powered utility vehicles as well as allowing the backbone to add olympic plated weight to really pack down that loose snow.  Simplicity design by utilizing gas shocks and lockouts for quick and simple deployment of the comb finisher.  And the durability of fully welded frame channel by our certified AWS welders and premium high end grease-fitted bearings and serviceable parts.

How does it ship?  Fully Assembled!  We want you grooming and not putting an Ikea puzzle together.

Also exciting is our newly designed articulating hitch which solves the damage caused by a rolled snowmobile which can destroy the hitch, tongue, and machine. 

Our machine of choice for grooming is a Yamaha SnoScoot to become your fat bike single track grooming machine outfitted with our SnoScoot Hitch.

While the main focus of our design is for Fat Bikes, it can do a lot more. Other cross-function uses for a single track snow roller are snow-shoe trails, running trails, skiing, or even hiking.  Anything to get you outside! supports the trail associations with boots on the ground!  Our "Share & Shred" program will donate $25 to NMMBA and $25 to any other trail association of your choosing with each sale.


*****These are Built-to-order, expect a 2-3 week shipping window after order recieved******

Pictured Pintle hitch and bracket not included.  Used for hauling multiple implements during tow.  Interested?  Add a Pintle Hitch to your order.

*****Looking for a larger roller?  Shoot me an email




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Shipping Cost: $350.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Width: 32.00
Height: 28.00
Depth: 64.00
MPN: RA-55
SKU: RA-55

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