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Looking to groom Classic Ski Tracks in tight spaces?  Check out our classic ski track setter!


Q: What is more fun than traveling 5 mph and pushing 800 watts?  A:  Most things in life.

Joking aside, we here at LOVE fat biking.  A great extension to our mountain bike season which can add up to 6 months here in Northern Michigan.  And well, most mountain bikers don't like to go straight.  So we have found the easiest way to put a smile on a Fatties face is to add turns.  Riders are looking for turns, berms, and trail diversity. The honest truth is our favorite trail names say it all - "Tire Drag", "Yetis Revenge", "Keen Mile".   To make these awesome trails the ability to get into and out of tight trails is a must.  And while maybe an operator can do it once with a few inches of snow it becomes ever so difficult to do as the inches begin to add up. This design is based off others hard work and creativity our trail makers have made, and made well! 

With the Yeti, you are now able to make professionally groomed trails in even the tightest of places.  Constructed of 304 stainless steel and aluminum, this groomer is going to last even with the rookie groomer at the helm. The precise-angled shape makes quick work of diverting and packing snow.  A slightly rounded bottom mimics that of a seasoned single track groove.  The removable rear corduroy rake with Fallline Cross Country Comb is spring loaded keeping constant pressure for beautiful lines of ripping trail.  The Bat Wing optional Accessory add on (also removable) help knock snow drifts down, keep clearance for pedals, and build berms throughout the season.  The dry weight of the Yeti comes in just around 100 lbs.  That's just about perfect for knocking down the fresh powder!  If more weight is needed to firm up trail just add any size Olympic plate to the weight bed.

How does it ship?  Fully Assembled!  We want you grooming and not putting an Ikea puzzle together.

Our machine of choice for grooming is a Yamaha SnoScoot to become your fat bike single track grooming machine outfitted with our SnoScoot Hitch.

Another machine option is the Snowdog.  Request the no cost non-skid platform option in lieu of weight bar when using as a pull behind sled.

While the main focus of our design is for Fat Bikes, it can do a lot more. Other cross-function uses are snow-shoe trails, running trails, skiing, or even hiking.  Anything to get you outside! supports the trail associations with boots on the ground!  Our "Share & Shred" program will donate $25 to NMMBA and $25 to any other trail association of your choosing with each sale.


*****These are Built-to-order, expect a 2-3 week shipping window after order recieved******

Not Included:

1.  Pictured Pintle hitch and bracket not included.  Used for hauling multiple implements during tow.  Interested?  Add a Pintle Hitch to your order.

2.  Bat Wing.  Needed for areas with heavy drifts or snow.  Also useful to keep shapes of berms typically formed by plow or drags.  Add Bat Wings to your order.




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Width: 36.00
Height: 16.00
Depth: 36.00
MPN: RA-45
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