Our Bike Storage Solutions for the Garage

by up.bike

The Best Bike Storage for the Garage

Bike storage can put a serious crimp in your garage storage space. Bikes aren’t nearly as big as a car, and yet they have odd dimensions; long and skinny, and they just don’t stand by themselves. Bike stands are a great solution, but even those add yet another thing to trip over or move when not in use. At the beginning of all these, we settled on one mantra for all our garage bike storage solutions: raise your gear.

Wall Mounted Bike Storage

Forget the footprint. Our goal has been to provide mountain bike, road bike, and fat bike storage solutions that get all your stuff off the garage floor and out of the way for good. We’ve done that by centering everything on Wall Rail. Think of it as a classy pegboard; made of stainless steel, we make it in various lengths and shapes to suit any need you might have to store your cycling gear. Wall Rail is the spine of a modular system that allows for quick and easy adaptation; move bikes, move storage, and rotate gear seasonally to get what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Bike Storage Options

We’ve put a lot of time not into coming up with a bunch of choices but focusing on what riders need. While it may look like we have a ton of options, it boils down to these key questions:

  • 1.What kind of bike do you have?
  • 2.Do you want to store it with the wheel on or off?
  • 3.How many bikes do you need to store?

After answering those three questions, things boil down quickly. Choosing wheel-on mounts offer quick and easy access to get your bike and get out the door fast. Wheel off mounts are more secure, which is the better options for longer-term storage or transportation, mounting Wall Rail and mounts in a bike trailer, for example.

Front Wheel On Bike Storage

The Wheelie is our tried-and-true choice for simple and convenient garage bike storage. With one small square of Wall Rail or a long stripe to store multiple bikes, the Wheelie provides more secure and rim-friendly bike storage that is adaptable for road bikes, mountain bikes, plus bikes and even fat bikes. It is our most popular vertical bike storage option.

The Vertical Bike Storage Package is the ultimate wheel-on option and, in our biased opinion, the best horizontal wall storage option out there. It’s a comprehensive package that provides a mount to hang your bike by the top tube, plus our proprietary Kit Keeper and other need solutions to keep your whole bike life organized.

Front Wheel Off Bike Storage

Using the fork itself to store a bike offers a tremendous amount of security and stability. We have always included wheel-off bike storage solutions to the line-up to meet the needs of folks who may be squeezing lots of bikes into a small space and need to make sure nothing ends up on the ground or is knocked over.

The Maxle Forkmount was designed for our buddy Alexey Vermeulen, who needed a way to store his race bike safely in a tight apartment space that saw a lot of traffic…mostly from his fleet of other bikes! The former WorldTour racer and 2019 Iceman Cometh Challenge champion gave us his feedback on a prototype, and we ultimately released the final product to the world in 2020. The mount uses a 100mm Maxle thru-axle to store your bike the same way it uses its front wheel out on the trails: with a study, trusty thru-axle! It’s also a great way to ensure you don’t lose your thru-axle!

When you’re rotating through bikes, they need to be able to find a perch on the wall quickly and easily. The Combo Forkmount provides slots for both quick release and thru axles bikes. Having a mount that can accommodate either your QR road bike or TA mountain or gravel bike is a great way to keep your storage space versatile.

Two Bike and Four Bike Storage Solutions

One of the perks of our modular Wall Rail system is that you can store as many bikes as you want! Your only limit will be the amount of Wall Rail you have, the number of mounts you have, and we supposed how much, well, wall you have, too.

We do offer curated packages to make getting the bike storage mounts you need easy.

Our 2 Bike Essential Package is one of the most popular packages on the site because it covers the needs of so many riders. Two bikes, a road bike and a mountain bike. While the actual combination might change, two seems to be the magic number!

What if you want more; more bikes, more gear, and more storage to keep it all organized? Our 4 Bike Deluxe Package is the answer. With mounts for four bikes and some of our favorite accessory organizers, you’ll be able to keep your whole bike life organized in one spot in the garage. Spend less time looking and more time riding!

Let Us Create Your Custom Garage Bike Storage Solutions

We can help you design your custom bike storage package to make sure you have exactly what you need to get organized. Contact us today and we’ll get on it!