Wall Rail (suggested if not adding to existing system)

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Bike Wheel Mount - Wheel-On Mount for Bike Wall Storage

Hang your mountain bike, road bike, or cruiser with this wheel-on mount! Comfortably holds up to 3 inch tires securely, without damaging your rims or spokes. For fat bikes, check out the Fat Wheelie Mount. 

This will fit any size or type of our wall rail system.  So add this to your existing rail space, or add a specially priced wall rail above!

A few install/spacing specifications:

For proper clearance of tires to ceiling 9" is needed from ceiling to top of rail mounting tab.  Bikes can alternate handle bar up/down to maximize bike quantity.  Suggested rail mounting heights when using this product is 73" to top of flange.

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Width: 8.00
Height: 8.00
Depth: 8.00

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5 Stars
Works perfectly, looks good

I picked up one of these to hang a bike, along with a vertical rail. Works perfectly. The Wheelie is a bit of a tight fit in the slots on the 48" vertical rail--you have to finesse the tabs into the slots. Not difficult, and that's not a complaint. Just that the Wheel Trees went into the slots on the horizontal rail a bit easier. But the Wheelie works perfectly, the bike isn't going anywhere, and you can't beat how it looks. Fit a HED carbon tri-spoke aero wheel too, for anyone wondering. Very happy.

5 Stars
Working well, easy to put up

Just finished installing the horizontal wall rail and wheelie hangers--simple to install. Construction is great, very sturdy, and the offset for each wheel and each pair are perfect. Couldn't be happier, and they also look great.

5 Stars
Wheelie Review

I have four wheelies and they work great! The product is very versatile and works with my 29ers and kids bikes. The hook hold the bike securely and the rubber coating ensures there is no damage done to the rim. The stainless still construction is top notch! The beauty of the wheelie is that it can easily be moved around the wall rail system to accommodate other configurations as you add more bikes and gear!