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Space Saving Bike Storage

In the same amount of space it takes to lean your bike against the wall, the Vertical Bike Storage Package provides space to store your bike, your helmet, your shoes, your shades, plus the things you need with you on every ride!

Garage organization is so much easier when you get things up and off the floor. The Vertical Bike Storage Package is a neat way to get things off the ground and onto our propriety Wall Rail system. Mix, match, and move different mounts based on what bike you're riding or even the time of the year by swapping out bike mounts for ski mounts or even shelving. 

What's In The Vertical Bike Storage Package

This package includes a 48"vertical wall rail, a Workstation top tube bike holder, 1 pump hanger, a Kit Keeper, and 1 auxiliary hook, and a much quicker journey to the start of your ride.  This package is a great way to get started in our comprehensive system - be sure to check out the overview at our How It Works page!

Garage Bike Storage Questions?

We're here to help. We know every ride has a different combination of bikes and wheels as well as a different space to store it all. Contact us today to let us know what you need and we can design the perfect package for the gear you need to organize!

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Width: 48.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00
MPN: PF-10
SKU: PF-10

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