Wall Rail (suggested if not adding to existing system)

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Wheels. Wheels everywhere. From race wheels to training wheels, plus wheels to fat wheels, the ability for the modern-day bicycle to run different sizes means we've got a bike wheel storage problem. Every set NOT currently in use is at risk of being kicked over, bent, or trampled, and they're constantly in the way.

One of our products testers, Cody, has a bike that uses road, gravel, and mountain bike wheels. He was tired of tripping over the two sets that weren't in use, and he finally resorted to jerry-rigging a few of our other accessories together as a way to store them. But that also meant he couldn't use those other accessories for what they were designed for, so we designed this mount to do the job right. 

The Wheel Tree will proudly and safely display up to (4) wheels.  Free up your floor space and protect your investment!

This will fit any size or type of our wall rail system.  So add this bicycle wheel storage to your existing rail space, or add a specially priced wall rail above! We've found that using a Wall Flower below or on a separate wall from your bikes makes grabbing the wheels you need a little easier. 



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Width: 16.00
Height: 8.00
Depth: 6.00
MPN: RA-22
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