Add Swix T0795 World Cup Nordic waxing profile and clamp

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The Ultimate Ski Wax Bench package is everything you need to keep your waxing and sharpening organized and efficient.  Don't waste precious time looking for wax and files!  Keep them organized and at point of use.  Tired of working in the dark or with temporary light?  See clearly what you are working on with the 4' LED shop light situated directly above your station.

The Deluxe package is a wall mounted system that utilizes typical 32" O.C. stud framing for securely mounting the posts to.  The system was designed mindfully to reduce the  precious floor space most tables take up.  Additionally, when not in use simply lift the top up off of brackets and re-insert the bottom so that rack becomes low profile and non-intrusive to your room. 

Off Season?  Simply fold your work surface down and store your skis on the dry rack fingers up and out of the way!

The double shelving system allows for sharpening tools to be housed on the bottom and waxes on top separately.  Therefore reducing any risk of cross-contamination of materials.

The Deluxe includes: (1) 16"x38" laminated worktop, (1) LED 4' light and brackets, (2) sets of ski drying rack fingers, (2) wax/sharpen shelving trays, and (1) set of hook and pin accessory holders

Construction is 12g-16g 304 stainless steel

Suggested mounting height is 30" to bottom of post.


While supplies last, add the awesome Swix T0795 World Cup Waxing profile and clamp (nordic skis only)!  You truly can't find a better wax setup ready to go than this combo.  We've made a super sleek, super adjustable mounting plate that works with the profile extrusions for an EXTREMELY clean mounting setup that's completely adjustable.  No additional profile mounting clamps needed or getting in your way!



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