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Waxing skis and scraping clean is like starting from a clean slate.  Upbike proudly introduces the all-in-one "Slate Wax Card" (see what we did there!?).

This is no ordinary 1/4" thick piece of plexiglass, ok maybe it is.  But the Slate is and all-in-one tool saving you from having multiple tools on your bench.  This bad boy base scrapes, edge scrapes, and groove scrapes without missing a beat.  It also features a handy hole to hang or if you live in the ski hood chain to your local ski chapter share bench.

Did we solve the World's problems?  Hunger, unemployment, climate change?  Hell no!  But at least your ski waxing will be a little more enjoyable.

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Shipping Cost: $3.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 0.25

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