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Finding your way around trails can be difficult.  Add to that trail signage that is weathered and worn out which requires you to stop, get out the trifocals, and translate the number or trail color you are at.
The square cutout allows post to be painted underneath to coordinate with map color and the number, well, it's a number.  Simply align on 4x4 post and nail in with finish nails.
These simple post markers will not face and are highly visible.  The stainless steel will out last that Campagnolo groupset you are still rocking from the 80's.  And even Aunt Betty will be able to see it when she runs by chasing Rocco.
Please enter numbers wanted in order comments and check below if you would like custom logo etched in each sign for branding.
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Width: 3.50
Height: 3.50
Depth: 3.50

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