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Modular Wall Shelf System - Stainless Steel

This is a shelf.  But just not a "shelf"!  This shelf is specifically designed for high use bottles of lubricant, cleaner, or even sealant.  Get the bottles out of the cabinet and up in view so they are where you need them.

The Shelf is available in three different lengths: 7 1/2" (6-slots), 12" (9-slots), 22" (16-slots)

Constructed of single piece 14g 304 stainless, built for life, and no worries of cleaning.  Get some oil or grease on it?  Simply throw in your dishwasher with you Mom's fine china and wash away!

If you have existing rail or grid the shelf will hook right in.  Don't have any?  Head on over here to check it out.





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Width: 7.50
Height: 5.00
Depth: 6.00
SKU: TH-28

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5 Stars
High quality stainless design

This is my second purchase from up bike and I love tbe stainless quality products up bike offers. I iuse tbe shelf in my cycling pain cave to display my cycling related coffee mugs. The shelf is large , looks great and is super sturdy.