Wall Rail (suggested if not adding to existing system)

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 Modular Shelf Brackets: Stainless Steel Shelving

This set of brackets is extremely versatile.  These can be used to make upper storage, work benches, picnic (beverage) table, or to proudly display that first-place 100 mile grand fondo trophy.  Simply lift up on your new workspace and hang flat and out of the way when not used.

Horizontally add as many brackets as you want.  We suggest a bracket every 36".  So, if you want 96" of upper storage we suggest four brackets.  Add your favorite work surface to these brackets by simply screwing in through mounting holes (suggest any of your big box melamine pre-cut shelving).

System works with your existing Up.bike wall rail or add on any length rail you desire to this order.

Qty (1) includes two brackets.  A Right hand and a Left hand.

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Width: 12.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 4.00
SKU: RA-18

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