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Cyclocross Barriers For Clinics And Training!

Everyone likes to bunny-hop and no one likes dental bills.  Set this bunny-hop training barrier up on any dirt or grass surface to safely practice your cyclocross dismounting and bunny-hopping.  Five adjustable levels starting at 3" will allow you to progress up to the UCI legal 16" barrier height in either direction.  If you trip or hit the bar, that is ok!  The bar will fall out of the barrier frame and not harm you or your bike.  Compact enough to stow away without taking up precious floor space or becoming a yard ornament.  Includes (1) 3/4" x 24" pvc horizontal - but add any length you desire.

Sorry, we are currently sold out of Orange.  So Pink it is!


Portable Barriers For Cyclocross

We've got some great workouts for getting the most out of your specific cyclocross training here. Set-up these Portable Barriers anywhere you want to get in some skills work!  


Check out a great look at portable cyclocross training barriers in action here:

Need a more permanent barrier for cyclocross races? Check out our Flandrien barriers!

A must have for MTB and Cyclocross training!

PS.  It also has a bottle opener...... 


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5 Stars
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

I can finally get in some good barrier practice any day of the week.

5 Stars
Building confidence to bunnyhop!

These practice barriers are perfect to practice "normal" barrier dismounts and remounts, but even better when learning to hop. The adjustable heights of the PCV bars are helpful when just starting out. The finish on the uprights is strong and will withstand years of 'cross practices!

5 Stars
Simple. Portable. Best Barriers Around!

These barriers are probably the best portable barriers around. Previously I built up a set of wood barriers, but those required a car to transport and thus, did not get much use. I love how portable these Up.Bike barriers are! I can fit two barriers in a backpack & they don't take up much space in the apartment, if any. The adjustable height is great as well, so anyone and everyone can practice no matter their skill level! Highly recommend these barriers to anyone looking for a way to practice cyclocross skills anytime, anywhere!

5 Stars
Very Functional and Well Designed

These barriers look very simple but are actually very well designed. The metal bookend parts are easy to set up – just push the pointy ends down into the ground like tent stakes. They work well on soft Midwest soil and do not wobble once stuck in. I was surprised and delighted to find out that the PVC rod actually has a bungee cord inside, so setting it up is just like setting up a tent pole. The PVC rod being made of 3 separate pieces has a couple big benefits: it is more portable AND it easily pops apart under the pressure of being hit during practice. When it does pop apart, the pieces stay connected because of the bungee and can quickly be reconnected. The barrier has 5 different heights: 2 on each side plus the very top. It is awesome to be able to move the height of the PVC rod so quickly and easily! I will admit that while the barrier is very portable, the metal pieces are somewhat heavy and awkward because of the large size and pointy ends. I will definitely look into some kind carrying case solution to make it easier to toss into a backpack and ride to a park. Also, love the Ellen Noble Pink color and bonus bottle openers built in.

5 Stars
Portable Barriers

These things are awesome! When I am not using them for cross practice, my kids like to jump over them and test themselves!