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Add a second complete barrier set for multiple barrier training!

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Cyclocross Barriers For Your Home Course or the World Cup Course

As unforgiving as Flandrien, these barriers will teach you how to really commit to the barrier without taking up half of your garage. We've always wanted to make cyclocross barriers that look and feel like something you'd see on the national circuit or on the famous courses of Belgium. Inspired the muddy, grueling races in Zolder, the Flandrien barriers offer that hefty, tough feel of a permanent barrier with the flexibility of something you can train on, too. 

How To Set-Up Flandrien Cyclocross Barriers

Simply stake into the ground and throw in a 2x4 and you have Belgium in your backyard.  Add additional tent style stakes for extra stability.  The five height options will allow you to progress up to the UCI legal 16" barrier height on your own schedule.  No need to ask Carpenter Uncle Bob to build a set for your local CX race because these are also sturdy enough to be used on the course.

A must have for true Cyclocross training!

PS.  It also has a bottle opener......

Need a cyclocross barrier that's easy to take with you? Check out the Portable Barriers!  


Let us know! We can help you pick out the right cyclocross barriers for racing or training, or answer questions you might have on any of our other storage solutions. Get a hold of us! 

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5 Stars
Flandrien Barriers

A quick, easy barrier solution for cyclocross practice. Get two sets, you'll use 'em!

5 Stars
Flandrien Barrier

My set of barrier stakes arrived today and I immediately took them out to start working on bunny hops for the 2020 cross season. They’re simple and effective - it took less than a minute to set up and take down and the 2x4 was quite secure. Highly recommended!