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Wall Mounted Bike Storage

The Leaner is perfect for riders looking to get out of the house in a hurry. 

Do you hit the road or trail in a rush? Got a daily driver that always needs to be ready to fly at a moment's notice or less? The Leaner is spring-loaded and bike lock ready!  Perfect for the bikes that are used often and never get hung up to just hang out. This is a great option for both the home or the bike shop; roll those bikes out front to let the world know what you've got in stock and lock them securely, without having to move stands, mounts, or racks at open and close. 


The Leaner: Fast Bike Storage Option For At Home or At The Bike Shop

The Leaner is constructed of 14g stainless steel and dipped in rubber for long lasting protection and durability. It's easy on your rims and, if we can be so bold, easy on the eyes, too. It's one of our most low-profile options for your home, garage, bike shop, or business! These are the perfect bike racks for bike-friendly coffee shops and restaurants, too. 

Currently available for Road (25-42mm) and Mountain bikes (1.5"-3"). If you've got questions about what will fit or how to install, let us know!

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Width: 8.00
Height: 8.00
Depth: 6.00
MPN: RA-43
SKU: RA-43

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