Winter Is Coming: Get Your Grooming Equipment


Winter is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited.

While some folks brace for the snow and cold, we welcome the change of pace. One of the coolest aspects of winter is that no matter what you do to enjoy the woods once the snow flies, it still provides something fresh, something new, and something different. That thick blanket of snow is like a blank canvas!

We’re dedicated to keeping winter enthusiasts moving, and the first step is to make sure the trails they enjoy are groomed properly. We’ve rolled out two winter grooming drags over the past year that have been tested by our local trail association. For five years now, Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association has pioneered fat bike grooming like few other organizations have. They’ve grown from a single six-mile loop to a massive 17 mile loop here in Traverse City, plus expanded operations to support similar projects at the Cadillac Pathway, Glacial Hills Trails in Bellaire, and the Winter Sports Trail at Leelanau State Park.

Over the years, we’ve worked with their groomers to design, tweak, and test our Yeti’s Revenge. The drag is named after a unique section of ‘floating’ trail; working with the Michigan DNR, NMMBA grooms a short loop within the existing marked singletrack exclusively in the winter. It’s a hilly, steep bit of trail that demands a lot of fat bikers, and even more from those trying to groom it!

We’ve also developed the Classic Track Groomer. It’s a simple, traditional design that offers an increased flexibility to adjust weight and depth, plus hold up exceedingly well in even the toughest conditions. It’s not just about the drag, either. We also know that groomers need plenty of tools on the sled, too. That’s why we worked with NMMBA to create the Yukon Groomer Box, a custom spot to put tools, saws, and even a light.

No matter how you enjoy winter, it often takes a lot of work to create the trails we need to ride and ski. This season, we’re all going to rely on those outdoor experiences more than ever to exercise and unwind safely. Take a second to learn more about your local trails and the organizations that offer grooming programs. Without the right tools and generous volunteers, we would have a place to play in this winter wonderland!

Got questions about our grooming equipment? Let us know how we can help!