Portable Barriers Back In Stock September 5!

by up.bike

The sun rose a bit later, and a quick glance at the thermometer confirmed it; it’s fall. At a chilly 45 degrees, this weekend’s ride was a frosty reminder that the seasons are changing, even if we’re still enjoying some warm evenings and plenty of sunshine. Of course, it also reminded us to get organized so we can find our arm warmers and knee warmers!

With fall comes cyclocross, and we’ll admit, we’re pretty partial to ‘cross. That’s why we made our Portable Barriers, and after Ellen Noble took a set for a test hop, we sold out of every single set! A lot of folks wondered, and we wanted to keep you in the loop; don’t despair, we’ll have more soon!

We’re hard at work getting a fresh batch of ultra-portable, ultra-adjustable barriers ready to ship no later than September 5. We’ll have both our original orange and Ellen Noble Pink ready, so spend the next few days deciding which you’re planning on pre-ordering.

It’s a good time to order up. On September 7, we’ll be tugging the Adventure Hub south for the Alma Grand Prix of Cyclocross. We’ll have a nice stash of Portable Barriers loaded up, and you’ll also be able to see all of our mounts, tools, and even a redesigned Scout Tool that’s just about finished!

That’s not your only chance to see our stuff. We’ll be bouncing around events all over Michigan this fall, and we hope we get to meet up! 

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