​Giving Tuesday 2021: Addiction Treatment Services

by up.bike

Each year, up.bike makes it a priority to seek out new non-profits to support on Giving Tuesday. Last year, we focused on diversity and inclusion, making connections with two stellar organizations. We raised money for League of American Cyclists and Black Girls Do Bike and learned more about the missions, successes, and challenges.

This year, our own challenges and the challenges facing our community has been impossible to ignore. Addictions of all kinds are on the rise in the US, over 19 million adults battled a substance abuse disorder. Nearly of that number, a full 8.5 million, battle mental health issues at the same time as a substance abuse issue.

The Opioid Epidemic In Michigan

There were 67,367 overdose deaths in the state of Michigan in 2018, the year with the most accurate data. That was a 4% decrease from 2017, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Death involving opioids were involved in over 70% of those overdoes.

While prescription opioid overdoses decreased, Michigan as state remains at risk. Michigan doctors prescribed 62.7 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons. The national average was 51.4.

Doing Our Part

It’s easy to stay in our bubble. As cyclists, we see primarily healthy people who dress, work, talk, and live just like us. We often don’t see the issues our friends and family face behind close doors, and too often, we don’t ask.

That’s why we’re donating 50% of all proceeds on Giving Tuesday to Addiction Treatment Services. ATC offers a number of important programs to provide support and outreach opportunities for clients. Those efforts benefit not just their clients, the clients’ families, but all of us in northern Michigan.

Even if you don’t have need any cycling storage or equipment, we hope you’ll consider making a donation to Addiction Treatment Services. They also accept material donations that can be dropped off in person.