Giving Tuesday: Supporting Equality and Diversity In Cycling


Every year, we try to turn Black Friday into something that will benefit a worthy cause. This year, we’re raising the bar. But we need your help.

2020 has been incredibly challenging for so many reasons and for some many people. We’ve been fortunate that cycling and the cycling industry has largely seen a boom in ridership, especially from first-timers looking for a safe, accessible way to get outside. Cycling is a sport that should always be open and inclusive, and we strive to support people and events that support that goal.

However, we need to do more. Cycling has not been a sport historically known as inclusive to all races and expressions of gender. The proof is in the results sheet. At any local race, women make up a tiny fraction of participation. And it’s not because they don’t want to get involved; look at other endurance sports and you’ll find that women of all ages are much more likely to be running the local 5km or marathon and in a much closer ratio to men than in cycling.

Additionally, people of color are dramatically underrepresented at every level of the sport. Even out of competition, we want to support all people in having access to bikes as a healthy recreational opportunity as well as a safe and viable transportation option. Both types of cycling are overwhelmingly white and male, and we are missing valuable experiences and input by failing to include riders from a wider array of backgrounds.

On Giving Tuesday, December 1, we’re donating 50% of all sales to two important non-profit organizations who have adopted the challenge of equality and inclusivity. Half of your purchase will be split between The League of American Bicyclists and Black Girls Do Bike.

The League of American Bicyclists has a committed plan dedicated to encouraging more women and more underrepresented groups to get involved with cycling. Their Equity Initiative has offered countless programs to underserved communities since it began in 2013. We’re proud to support their continued work to change the face of cycling to better reflect all of us.

We’re also donating to Black Girls Do Bike, a group of women dedicated to bringing more Black women into the world of cycling. They now boast dozens of chapters across the country that are designed to welcome new riders by giving Black women a safe and inviting place to pedal. The grassroots movement is nearing 100 affiliate groups that are completely free; all these women need is a bike and the desire to get moving.

Even if you don’t need any top-notch cycling products for storage, maintenance, or trail building, we hope you’ll take a second to check out these two organizations and consider supporting their efforts. If there are similar causes close to you, today is the perfect opportunity to contribute to their hard work to make our sport more inclusive.