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Everybody has a standard multi tool. This one is for the over-prepared Boy Scout that needs more than a standard 3,4,5,6 hex and a screwdriver. This is for the guy who isn’t afraid to tweak a few spoke nipples, or break a chain and pin it back together in the wild. This is for the gal who will tighten down a valve core any time, anywhere, and wouldn’t mind having a beer while she does it. If you’re cyclist enough to be at, this is your tool. We've also added a rotor tuner to make straightening out warped disc brakes a snap!  Includes branded CO2 cartridge too!

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Width: 4.00
Height: 2.00
Depth: 1.00
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5 Stars
Scout Tool

High quality extra tool easy to take on any ride, and use as a club recognition/ appreciation item for other riders. I have three, one for each bike bag.

5 Stars
Versatile, Durable, and Compact

Great tool for supplementing a regular multi-tool. Very compact design that I was easily able to slide into an already full saddle bag. Tool is extremely durable, you can stomp on it all you want when trying to loosen pedals.

5 Stars
Scout Tool

Great product! Tons of features that could save your butt on the trail/road! A must have tool for any avid cyclist!