Up.Bike Back To Racing Survey

by up.bike

It’s been a wild and unpredictable season for cyclists, especially those of us who love racing. From pros to beginners, local events and national championships, races give our sport a sense of community, a platform for sponsors, and an extra degree of motivation.

So, are you racing this year? We put together a very short survey to put a finger to the pulse of racers on their thoughts about getting back in action. As we quickly move through summer, some of the biggest events of the season are either facing cancelation or have already met the axe. From Sea Otter to Dirty Kanza, Leadville to the Belgian Waffle Ride, some of the best-prepared events couldn’t find ways to responsibly meet local guidelines or put on the quality race they’re known for.

That certainly isn’t their fault, and we know first hand just how hard promoters have worked to make their trademark races happen. In every case, the decisions to postpone or cancel were without fault, even if disappointing to folks who wouldn’t otherwise dream of missing those dates on the calendar.

A big part of what comes next won’t be down to riders; many decisions on whether or not to race, and what those races will look like if they do happen, will be made by the county and state health departments in the area. That means the decisions could very drastically in different parts of the country, especially as kids begin to go back to school in August and September. That may also see more adults back to work, too, another potential factor in the much-feared “second wave”.

In any case, we want to know what will influence your decision and possibly your perception of what’s safe. Take our very short survey and please share it with your cycling buddies.

We’ll share the results at the end of July. Until then, be safe, and go ride!

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