The 2021 Up.Bike Survey


If you want to know something, ask. So, we’re asking our tribe for what you’re digging from and what you want to see next.

We’re always looking for ways to serve the outdoor community better. We rely heavily on feedback in everything we do. When we design products, there’s no point in guessing. Instead, we hand out prototypes to people who know what they’re doing and can push our work to its limits. From trail tools to bike storage and more, each product in our store has months of testing before it goes into production.

As we focus on what comes next, we want your feedback to help us focus on energy into what you need. Our 2021 survey asks our customers what they like from us already, and seeks to learn what we can do better to help you make the most of your cycling life.

When you fill out the survey, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card! We’ll pick two winners on June 7.

Thanks again for being a part of and helping us look ahead!

You can find the survey here.