Spring Break Bike Trips

by up.bike

We’ve reached the point in winter where the thrill of single-digit temperatures and the novelty of snow is, finally, beginning to lose their appeal. Look, we’re happy to have plenty of groomed trails to ride and ski, but you can’t blame us for casting a hopeful, if a little wishful, eye towards spring and warmer weather.

As we hit a full year of pandemic life, we’re daydreaming about a few safe destinations to yank the newest edition of the Adventure Hub. Having plenty of room makes camping alongside or even inside easy, and with solar panels powering a minifridge, charging cell phones and GPS devices, it’s like having an RV but, well, better.

The only caveat we are adding is based on practicality. As much as we’d like to spend a week or two in Crested Butte, Durango, Moab, or some other iconic destination, we don’t have that kind of time. We’re limited our travel time to just a ten-hour radius from up.bike HQ in Traverse City, Michigan.

With a little help from friends and the brilliance of the Internet, we’ve narrowed down our Spring Break wishlist to three spots.

East Burke, Vermont. Our local trails association has looked around the country to find organizations that really get mountain biking and trail stewardship right. One area that constantly comes up is Vermont, and the city of East Burke in particular. With hundreds of miles of trails and easy access right from town, it’s the right size to balance charm, challenging trails and, with a bit of luck, warmer weather by mid-to-late April. Even if we can’t get to the Kingdom Trails this spring, it’s on our bucket list for just about as soon as we can make it there!

Harrisonburg, Virginia. We’ve driven through the area before, but next time, we’re stopping, staying, and riding. Like East Burke, Virginia is actually deceptively close to us here in northern Michigan, and fits just inside our ten-hour drive time limit. To date, the area has over 500 miles of trails, most of which weave through the George Washington National Forest. The Shenandoah Valley provides a wide array of trails, with beginner-friendly loops and more technical options, including a bike park complete with chairlifts. The ‘Burg is in the midst of a mountain bike boom and the community is embracing the sport with full-on Southern hospitality.

Nashville, Tennessee. This one is the closest drive and might be the best bang-for-the-buck. Nashville is a hip town these days, and while we’re planning on being in the woods as much as possible, a safe stroll through a vibrant and charming city won’t hurt. The area is also home to an expanding network of trails and a wide variety of skill levels make it a great destination that everyone in the family can get excited about.

Where would you ride this spring with an Adventure Hub in tow? Let us know!