New Look For The New Season

by Up.Bike

Notice anything new? That’s right, got a face lift. In addition to a whole new layout this past fall, we just update product shots for every product we make! From mounts to packages, tools and more, everything looks as good as it works.

We worked with local photographer John Robert Williams to put together a clean, sharp display that allowed up to post up every product quickly and easily. John basically built two walls of a garage in his studio, adding two strips of our Wall Rail to serve as the spine of the system. Once that was done, it was easy. Our mounts are all so quick to switch in, tag out, or move that the shoot went by really fast.

The photo shoot gave us the opportunity to offer our customers a better look at what our system is capable of, and perhaps there is no better example of that than the 6 Bike Essential Bike package. The next time you go for a group ride, take a look at how much space six bikes leaned up against the coffee shop wall takes up. Add in all the helmets, shoes, and kit, and room runs out fast. While we were swapping bikes in and out during the shoot, it was hard to ignore what a mess we had going along the far wall, safely out of the eye of the camera lens.

The level of organization a system like this doesn’t just look pretty, though. We really believe that have a cycling-specific storage set-up allows you to spend less time storing your stuff and more time on the bike. Products like The Workstation offer a quick stand to lube your chain or adjust brakes; the Kit Keeper puts your every-ride essentials all in one places. Less time tinkering and adjusting, less time looking for gloves and helmet and shoes, more time actually pedaling on the road or trail.

If the pros are looking for marginal gains for racing, the average rider is looking for those little things that add up, too. Organization means less stress, fewer accidents, and a lot more pleasant cycling experience.

Now, it’s time to get spring cleaning. Get your garage or storage space decked out and built up, prioritize your cycling, and get more time to ride once the weather finally turns. If you’re not seeing something you need to improve your storage, let us know; we love cooking up new ideas and new accessories to make your life easier.