How Has The Pandemic Changed How You Ride?


As we inch through another month without bike racing, it’s time to check in with everybody. While cycling might not be your top priority right now against a backdrop of health, employment, and other concerns, but if you’re a committed cyclist, it’s probably still something you spend a little time worrying about.

After looking at our own miles, rides, and adventures over the past two months, we wanted to check in and ask you if the coronavirus has changed how you ride. Has the mass cancellation of races caused you to ride less...or more? Have you noticed a change in motivation? Are you spending more time doing other activities like hiking or running?

Here in Michigan, the stay-at-home order is due to expire at the end of May. There is speculation that it could be extended another two weeks, though that’s mostly a rumor at this point. Since mid-March, the shutdown has changed daily life for everyone. For cyclists, it’s meant that races are postponed or canceled, group rides are out the window, and there’s even a sense of worry about riding outside and doing anything that might be yourself or others at risk.

Roughly 20 races in Michigan have already been canceled. In Traverse City, the weekly Tuesday Night Ride and Speed of Light group rides have been shelved. While we've been riding, it's such an incredibly different environment to have nothing to ride 'for', and while some have had trouble finding the motivation to get outside, we've also heard from other pals that have found a renewed pleasure in riding without any race or goal looming. That had us thinking about how different an impact the past three months might have had on different riders and different communities. 

Let us know how the pandemic has changed your riding, your fitness, or your perspective. Send us a note to and we’ll share some of the best responses over the next few weeks!

We hope you’re staying safe, healthy, and enjoying whatever sort of riding you’re able to fit in during these wild times. We’re here for you!