Custom Stainless Steel Products for Cycling


It’s going to be a really important spring, summer, and fall for a whole lot of people. 2020 threw all sorts of industries for a loop, and luckily, bike shops have held up well. But a lot of those shops and many of the events and associations that rely on bringing people together are looking for ways to generate the revenue needed to get through 2021.

We asked our followers how many bike races or rides they took part in last year. More than 70% didn’t sign up for a race in 2020, a trend that is certainly understandable. Even in places were pandemic restrictions were eased, plenty of us have taken the stance that riding in small groups and staying close are things that we can do to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Unfortunately, that’s left plenty of bike clubs, trail associations, bike races, and bike shops looking for ways to stay relevant and stay in front of their customers.

There are a lot of reasons why creating high-quality custom merchandise is a smart investment for any organization, but it’s even more important for groups that may not be able to expect in-person events to return until late in 2021. Even when tourism, races, and events come back, expect participation caps and plenty of riders still hesitant to get back in the swing of things.

We put together three reasons to create a line of branded merchandise this spring.

Cost effective. The more you order up front, the more you make with each sale. The ability to invest in products that don’t have a shelf life means you’ll always have products on hand for sale at a higher retail margin. Experts say branded products have a .004 cent cost per impression, the best of any marketing avenue.

Brand recognition. Not only do branded products increase brand awareness, it also adds instant credibility in your community. Offering logo gear turns normal customers into ambassadors, influencing friends and potential customers. It also adds a degree of loyalty that is extremely hard to replicate by any other means.

A sign of quality. Most promotional items are kept for around two years. That’s a strong shelf life when it’s compared to what customers see flipping through social media or turning the page of a magazine.

For more on putting your logo on our tools, mounts, and stands, let’s talk. We’ll cook up a custom package based on your needs and goals!