Curbside Parking For Pedalers: The City Stand


Curbside is valuable real estate these days. For shops, restaurants, and every destination accessible by bike, having a good spot to lock up matters.

Across the country, America is opening back up. For many businesses, it’s an important time to build any social distancing measures into every day operations, including helping get people to your store safely. With public transportation limited and often discouraged, more and more individuals and families are choosing to make the most of spring weather and go by bike.

By giving your customers a safe and secure place to land their bikes, businesses can take a big step forward toward standing out as a bike-friendly spot. We’ve already seen bike racks go up in municipalities that are looking to bring more folks into downtown and shopping centers.

Our City Stand lets you take that a step further by encouraging those folks to lock up by you, not just within a couple of blocks. These stainless steel stands can be installed along any storefront and offer a convenient place to park and lock a bike. We’ve also used the City Stand to organize workplace parking, too. With a nice big space inside, this can give your employees the perfect spot to store their bike, encouraging more to ride in, drive less, and stay healthy.

Bike shops have also been using the City Stand to line up repairs and new bikes available for sale. That same locking function allows shops to put even their best bike on the curb to bring people in, without having to worry about anyone walking off with a new $5,000 Trek Top Fuel.

The City Stand can be customized with your logo, so everyone knows exactly who created such a nice spot to park their beloved bike. Interested in learning more? You can shop the City Stand here, or contact us to learn more about other ways to use the City Stand at your business!