Back In The Saddle For Less Cancer

by Up.Bike

This weekend, we're getting back on the bike for a really good cause. 

If you remember, we spent a weekend back in June riding a couple hundred miles for our friends at Less Cancer. This Sunday, we're mounting up again for another run. 

Less Cancer has a mission. While billions are spent each year on finding a cure for cancer, there is far too little attention placed on preventing cancer before it afflicts millions of people. Experts say that nearly half of all types of cancer are preventable; they develop not from genetic abnormalities, but by the environment. From diet, chemicals, pollution, smoke, all these external influences cause half of all cancer cases. 

We need a cure. But until we have one, we can prevent cancer to reduce its impact on individuals and families, as well as reduce the enormous costs of treatment and its impact on local, regional, and national economies. Less Cancer works through legislation, education, and programs in over 40 countries around the world to push the mission of cancer prevention for those who need it most. 

After the Split the Mitt Ride in June, we raised just shy of $5,000 for our local Traverse City group, partnering with Keen Technical Solutions. It was a lot, and we had a lot of fun, doing it. But it's not enough. Our goal is to raise another $1,000 this weekend with a gravel ride, and we want you to be there. 

With three distances, there's definitely a route for you. A nortmal mountain bike is probably best, and make sure you've got a snack or two to hold you over. The ride starts and ends at Breakaway Cafe on Traverse City's east side, and they'll have plenty of coffee and cookies waiting for when you get back. The ride is totally free, but if you can make a donation, even as little as $5, you'll make this Sunday's ride a success. 

You can see more details on the ride here, as well as make a donation online. You can also check out the 20, 34, and 52 mile route options, as well as ride updates, right here