2021 Up.Bike Survey Results

by up.bike

Two weeks ago, we sent out a survey to learn more about what we can do for our customers. For four years now, we’ve worked to provide a wide array of products to support a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle.

Most of what we do is dedicated to what is essentially the margin of your life; our storage systems are designed to make the transition from real life to bike life faster, more convenient, and visually stunning. Our trail tools and groomers are engineered to make the most of the time you dedicated in the woods to improve your trail experience and the experience of other riders. That’s an especially important one for us because it’s time spent away from family, friends, and other pursuits and off a bike. Our bike tools are made to make every minute of tinkering more efficient and fun. And our bike trailer is meant to make every adventure that much more convenient, inclusive, and immersive.

Our survey was focused on the broader elements of what we do, but we will feel as though it provides good insight in what we do well for our customers and our community, while also encouraging us to put more emphasis on the stuff you really need.

We also see what we do as a collaboration between ourselves and our customers. As a result, we’re not going to sit on the survey results and let you wonder. We want to show you what you and our up.bike followers think and invite you to reach out with your impressions.