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Handy with a tape measure and screw gun?  Already have a trailer and want to turn it into the envy of the bike crowd in your town?  Check out our pre-assembled packages below that are carefully curated to provide a top quality package that will turn your own trailer into your very own adventure hub. 

Steps are pretty simple.  Dream up your own Adventure Hub.  Consider how many bikes you want to carry, what gear, lighting, insulated, sauna, etc.  Here are some videos to help.  Once you determine how many bikes select from our Basic or Deluxe DIY packages.  Rule of thumb for bike-to-trailer length is 1'/bike.  However, if you are carrying more gear than normal we suggest purchasing 2' additional space for  elbow room.  So say you want to carry eight bikes with very little extra gear.  Then select the Basic or Deluxe 8' package for your 8' trailer.  But say you want to carry eight bikes with a lot of gear:  then select the Basic or Deluxe 8' package and purchase a 10' trailer.

The largest savings here is that you will be purchasing your own utility trailer.  This saves on tax/title/markup and freight that we would need to pass along.  It also gives you the opportunity to shop around and even consider used if available.  You will need an inside clearance height minimum 78".  But we suggest 84" (7') for versatility in bike hanging and accessories .  If you get too much shorter you may run into clearance issues dependent on bikes you are transporting.  Not to mention you will hit your head every time you move about the trailer.

Installation details and requirements can vary, please call with any questions.   But in general, your mounting height for rail will be 15" from trailer roof to the top of the rail.  See more information on the Wheel Cradle Clearance here.

Note - because we do not know your exact application fasteners will not be included.  However, we are happy to make recommendations upon request.

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