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includes (2) 4' rail, 4 wheel-on hangers, pump hanger, 4 Aux hangers

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Width: 50.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 12.00

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5 Stars
High quality and service!

I ordered the 4 bike organizer with 3 rd/mtb 1 fat combo. When received I saw that I had 4 rd/mtb and 0 fat hooks, but no worries. So a quick email and some pictures for added confirmation and they overnighted a fat hook! I can't be upset about that kind of fast and friendly service! We are just human after all and mistakes happen. Now onto the rest. The product is a very stout stainless (we'll get back to that). As with anything you're hanging make sure to measure and plan to fit your space. Install was easy with some helping hands. I do wish the screw holes/slots were a little wider to allow more adjustability for studs. That may affect the strength of where the screws are though, not an issue just make sure you plan ahead if you have a stud that's off or in my case installing in a corner. The ability to move from slot to slot is very easy and accommodating for different handle bar set ups. It took a few attempts to get a smooth in/out with my wheels (user error) and is now very easy to do and the bikes are very secure with a little swing ability if you need some space around your bars. As for the fat hook, that thing is a beast of a hook! It's not just a bigger hook, it's more reinforced and has more tabs to hook into the rack with. Though I will admit I may have challenged Up.Bike on the strength of this monster hook, let me explain. My fat bike is no ordinary fat bike. It is a Specialized Fatboy Levo, a pedal assist....heavy fat bike. When I hung it the hook held it, though it did start to bend quite a bit. Now as I opened this review I said it is a stout stainless...and it is. When I removed the bike after a little while the hook went back to normal and did not remain bent much to my immense joy. What did happen was one slot appears to have started to get pulled at the bottom from the weight, but didn't cause any further issues. Now let me be clear, I am in no way saying this is a poor design or reflection of this product. It is VERY well made, I just happen to have a FAT fat bike (54lbs if I remember correctly). I have no doubt that a regular fat bike (even a steel framed one) would be more than fine! I found a solution of a ratchet strap anchored into the stud above to help lift the weight a little bit for my own peace of mind. If I didn't have 10 bikes in my garage I would just keep it on the floor lol. Long story short, buy Up.Bike if you want a great storage system. Buy it if you want high quality and customer service. Buy it (as it did for me) to help support a great local Michigan company. You won't be disappointed.