Summer Checklist: Five Challenges For You To Tackle This Summer


Summer is busy. Crazy busy. And that’s just off the bike. This year, make sure you fit in the fun stuff between training and just squeezing in a few rides when you can.

We’re as guilty of it as anyone. When summer finally show ups, it’s so easy to get stuck in a groove. Riding the same roads, the same trails, the same group rides and the same local races might be the most convenient way to get on the bike, but it can get a little monotonous. This season, we’re challenging you to do just a few things different, no matter what kind of rider you are right now.

  1. Do a race. If you’ve never competed before, try it. It’s not about going out to blow the doors off the competition, either. Races are a great way to motivate yourself to ride a little more, ride a little harder, and push yourself just a little further than you normally would. Pick a race and distance that you know you can handle, and consider supporting events that might benefit your local trails or a non-profit organization. Don’t fixate on the results sheet. Instead, empty the tank, have fun, and go shake some hands; races are a crucial part of building a healthy, connected cycling community.
  2. Do a tour. Die hard racer? Ease up. One of these weekends, take on a non-competitive event that pushes big miles and take it a slower pace. Meet new riders, stop at the food stops, and make it a goal to simply enjoy the pedaling, rather than going hell-for-leather. You’re going to experience the ride in a whole new way, and have the time to look around, enjoy the scenery, learn more about the area, and savor the ride in a whole new way.
  3. Ride one new trail. And make it one that you have to really get to. Take a day trip and ride someplace an hour or two from home that you’ve never ridden. Load up your pals or go solo; either way, it’s a great way to add a new place to ride to your list, plus you’ll have time to find a new place to drink coffee, grab a beer, or meet the local experts at a bike shop or trail association.
  4. Bring a friend. Got a pal that used to ride all the time? Maybe a friend who has never ridden before? Get them on a bike. Gear the ride for what you know they can handle, even if that’s just cruising the local rail trail out for coffee. Sometimes, all it takes is a single day in the saddle to spark a passion for the sport. Who knows, that 45 minute ride might turn your friend into a die hard rider! Even if it doesn’t, at least you got them moving, active, and healthy.
  5. Rent a bike for the day. It’s not always possible to freshen things up with a new bike. If you just want a treat, plan ahead and schedule in a bike rental for a big day in the saddle. Even if you can’t afford a new full suspension bike or a feather-light road rig, getting one for a trip to the bike park is a more affordable way to spice up your day without breaking the bank. 

Summer is the best time to ride, and we hope you get in as much riding as you can. That's why we do what we do; we know every minute on the bike matters, and our systems are designed to organize your stuff to allow for more riding, less looking.