Put Your Name On It: Custom Stainless Steel Pieces For Your Club or Shop

by Up.Bike

You've seen some of our favorite products with our logo on it, but did you know you can slap your own on them, too? Introducing our line-up of customizable stainless steel mounts and tools. 

Cycling shops, clubs, and teams all have their own dedicated supporters, and your tribe wants to show their pride with your gear. You already brand your jerseys, socks, even your flat kits; offering high-quality tool and other accessories is a great way to expand where you logo reaches both on and off the bike. Your customers are often your best advocates and salespeople; if a pal swears by your shop, or invites friends to join your club, that often means a lot more to a new face at the group ride than an ad in the paper or a 'Like' on Facebook. 

Putting your logo in the hands of people you trust can add up, and we're proud to offer a line of stands and tools that help you do just that. 

Scout Tool - Of course we're partial, but this really is the multi tool filled with the stuff everyone needs but no one seems to carry. Paired with a flat kit and a tool with Allen keys, this covers just about every worst-case scenario you'll run into out on the trail. It's a perfect price point for seasonal gifts and tourists, too. 

City Stand - This one is perfect for bike shops or any place that encourages commuting by bike. It's a secure but moveable stand that puts your logo in front of even more customers, and offers them a spot to lock up that's much safer than a chaotic municipal rack. 

Display Stand - When we worked at a shop, the most awkward spot in the world was finding a place to put a customer's bike while they were rang up. The solution was a mobile stand that fit any bike and could be moved out of the way when not in use. Boom, the display stand. Of course, made from stainless steel and gleaming with your shop's logo, it's also a great option for anywhere on the sales floor. 

Portable Barrier - 'Cross can happen anywhere. Bring the barriers with you, and get your name in front of everyone at the park and at the race with our custom Portable Barriers. Initially created to help Norte kids practice their skills, we quickly saw that teams, clubs, and individuals could benefit from having these bouncing around, too! Now, you can order sets of barriers at wholesale pricing for cyclocross series prizes, awards, or for raffles. These are especially useful in getting sponsors who may not have a product to donate involved in event prizes, or have a presence on the course. 

See all our customizable options right here, and we'll get you wholesale pricing and a mock-up absolutely free!