​Is eBike Garage Storage Different from a Normal Bike?

by up.bike

eBikes have taken the world by storm. While most eBike riders are either commuters or recreational riders, high-powered road, mountain, and gravel eBikes have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. If you’re thinking of getting one, you might wonder if eBike storage is any tougher than a normal bike.

The Best Way to Store Your eBike in a Garage

On the face of it, there may not be any obvious differences in storing an eBike with a traditional bike. Of course, anyone who owns an eBike will tell you there is slightly more to think about. The most important element is location. You’ll want to have the bike close to an outlet to make charging quick and convenient. Even if it’s easy to remove your battery, you’re much more likely to plug it in when necessary if the outlet is inches away, rather than across the garage or in another room in your home entirely.

eBike Garage Storage: Things to Think About

If you’re planning to store your bike in the garage, there are few more things to consider beyond where your bike is going to hang out.

eBike Storage and Cold Weather

Anyone who has ridden an eBike in the cold or used any electronic in frigid conditions know just how much of an impact the cold can have on battery life. eBikes aren’t immune and leaving your bike in the garage overnight in the winter months can have a serious impact on how much charge is left for your morning commute. Consider at least storing the battery itself inside your home during the winter months to avoid losing charge and potentially lowering the efficiency of the battery over the long term. Shimano offers more guidance on eBike winter storage and cold weather care that is certainly worth a look.

Hanging it Up: eBike Winter Storage

If you’re planning on parking your bike through winter, your manufacturer will likely recommend a complete discharge of the battery to avoid lasting damage. Additionally, plan on storing the battery inside if at all possible. It may be useful to simply dedicate a small cardboard box to storing your battery, charger, owner’s manual, and other related items until the weather improved.

Vertical Storage Options for Your New eBike

There are no issues with hanging your eBike vertically. We’ve tested all of our products to comfortable store bikes that weigh forty pounds or more, which is often the weight of most entry-level eBikes. However, it is worth taking extra care to keep other items on the floor or bikes being stored near by clear of the eBike when you’re going to lift it into place. That added weight can get away from you quickly!

eBike Sales in 2021: Impressive and Still Growing

The pandemic simply accelerated an existing trend that saw years of eBike growth as a strong segment of the industry. According to one study, eBike sales in the US grew at a rate of 240% between July 2020 and July 2021. Cycling has a whole saw a massive boom in the opening months of the pandemic, which makes that triple-digit mark even more impressive

Brands like RAD Power Bikes, VanMoof, GoCycle, and giants of the industry like Specialized and TREK have expanded their commuter eBike line-ups to include trail-ready mountain bikes, electric models of their most popular road bikes, and even electric pedal assist gravel bikes over the past few years.

More People on Bikes, More Storage Options

We are all about it. More people on bikes has a positive impact on the environment, on overall health, and makes the roads safer for all of us. Our eBike garage storage options are a great way to bring the convenience of an eBike commute home and make storage just as easy.

Check out all of our cycling storage options and get in touch if you have more questions about storing you eBike!