Introducing The Mini Box: A Simple Solution To Store Your Stuff


The Hot Box was one of our original, most useful, and most obvious products. We’ve all got those odds and ends that just need a home. Gels, tools, gloves, hats, chain need them near your bike stuff, obviously, but they always seem to be strewn across the workbench, sitting on the windowsill, or dropped on the floor.

With the Hot Box, we gave you a nice big spot to plop a lot of stuff. Personally, it’s a sort of catch-all; everything seems to end up there, whether it’s day-to-day or more permanent storage. But like any big storage space, it can get crowded. That’s why we drew up the Hot Box’s little brother. The Mini Box is the perfect perch for stuff you need every single day. It’s small enough that you can see everything it clearly, grab it quickly, and get it onto your bike or into your pocket, and fast.

Another handy use for the Mini Box is for your electronics. We’ve all done it; bringing your Wahoo or Garmin in to charge and it gets moved or misplaced. Now, it’s not only dead, but missing. One of our goals at has always been to keep as much of your cycling gear in the garage or in your storage space to reduce how much back-and-forth we have to do, just to get out the door. By offering up a place to stash your GPS, lights, even Di2 boxes, that’s simply less stuff to lose, misplace, or waste time looking for.

We love coming up with solutions to help folks spend more time in the saddle. With products like the Hot Box and Mini Box just go to show that it really is the simply, reliable, and functional things that make the most sense. Got questions? Let us know.