Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday: We're Giving 15% To YOUR Trails


Cyber Monday? Giving Tuesday? Do both.

It was a stellar holiday weekend to ride, wax skis, and prepare for the return of winter in our neck of the woods. After an early snowstorm, we slowly lost our ski trails before Thanksgiving, which meant we spent the long weekend on backroads and urban trails to stay out of the sights of hunters. That also meant we may have noticed a few sales online, plus more to come today.

We’re thing a deal is a deal, but we’ve got a lot to say about value. While we’d never fault anyone for saving a few bucks, we’re hitting Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday with a twist; when you buy anything on December 2 and 3, we’ll donate 15% of your cart to the non-profit trail association of your choice.

In Traverse City, we really couldn’t imagine the woods without Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association. They dedicate thousands of hours a year to building, maintaining, and protecting outdoor recreation all over the region. They’ve also grown to support more community events and races, as well as partner with other non-profits to do more for trails, for families, and for the people who truly care about enjoying a world-class recreational experience.

No matter where you are, your trails at cared for by someone. We’ll donate a portion of your purchase to the local trail association to help them grow and do more in 2020. Giving Tuesday is a prime opportunity to thank the people who support your passions. Even if you don’t choose to give to your trail association, think about the charity or community organizations that support the things that matter to you. Whether it’s your local library, public radio or television, food pantries, or something else, never underestimate what a few bucks can do to support their mission.

To support your trail association, just leave a link in your order comments to their site. We’ll find out how to donate, and we’ll leave your name associated with the donation, too!

On Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, take care of somebody on your shopping list, and take care of the folks who keep you rolling, running, or skiing!