​Bicycle. Transport. Trailer. Why Didn’t We Think of This Sooner?

by up.bike

We designed our first mountain bike car trailer more than five years ago. After dozens of trips to Marquette and other races across the Midwest, we’re still kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner!

Having a bicycle trailer for the car or truck makes a lot of sense, and it makes more sense for every additional bike the family wants to bring along. There’s a point where even the best bike racks on the market just won’t work, especially when it involves having to haul more than four bikes.

Your Custom Bike Trailer

No two Team Bicycle Trailers that we’ve build have been the same. Our endlessly customizable Wall Rail bicycle storage system makes it easy to mix and match mounting styles based on the type of bikes you’re bringing along. From 5” wide fat bike tires to your daughter’s 16” bike, you’ll have a way to store the bike safely and securely for any road trip.

Every custom-built bike trailer involves our team’s help in selecting the mounts you want, the storage options you’ll need, plus neat features like solar panels to power your in-trailer charging station.

Reasons to Go for Bike Trailer vs. A Bike Rack

  • 1.Enclosed bike trailers keep all your stuff safe. Keep your bikes and gear out of the elements. Especially in winter, road salt, rain, and other debris can ruin a bike’s drivetrain in a single trip across town. For fat bikers and skiers who put in plenty of miles driving across the state and across the country, having a everything protected is a huge relief.
  • 2.Enclosed bike trailers are secure. Lock it and walk away. Don’t sweat running into the store and leaving your bike on your bike rack. Our trailers are secure and tough enough to deter the casual bike thief.
  • 3.No more hotel bills. Everyone might think #VanLife is great, but let’s be honest. That’s really only useful if you’re by yourself or with one other person that you’re very, very close to. A bike trailer doubles as a camper, which is a real treat if you drive to events frequently and are tired of ponying for a hotel room.
  • 4.Bring it all. Our bike trailer is also a bike gear trailer, which gives you room to bring up to a dozen bikes, or toss in camping gear, luggage, chairs, coolers, or anything else you’d normally try to cram into your car. Show up to the race or ride with everything you need, including a full bike shop-worth of tools and parts, if you want to!
  • 5.Storage at home, too. Even when it’s parked, the Team Bicycle Trailer is a convenient place to your bike gear all the time. If you don’t have a garage, or if space in the garage or in the house is already tight, using the Bike Trailer as your permanent bicycle service course is a great way to add storage without having to hire a contractor.

Customize Your Bike Trailer

Mountain, road, gravel? How about all of the above? Check out our bike storage options or let us do the dirty work. Let us know how many bikes you want to transport, what other gear you plan on taking with you, and we’ll build out a custom bike trailer that’s ready for any adventure.

Plan your next bike-centric getaway with our Team Bicycle Trailer