Win $200 Towards Your Dream Garage At The Iceman Cometh Challenge Expo November 1!


We’re gearing up for the Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge, and for us, a big part of race weekend starts Friday. The SRAM Ice Cycle Expo brings in vendors from around the country to show off some of the coolest bikes, gear, and gadgets in the sport.

When things open up at eleven on Friday, November 1, nearly 10,000 people are expected to wind through the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Part packet pick-up, part flea market, part family reunion, the Expo brings thousands of racers together to sip beer, squeeze brake levers, and see the latest offerings from brands and shops. Last year, we used the Expo as a way to introduce people to our mounts and storage systems. We meet hundreds of riders and have kept in touch with a lot of folks that just so happened to wander over to our display.

This year, we’re hoping to keep your season going strong. For some riders, the Iceman Cometh Challenge is the final race of the year; for others, it’s just the start. Michigan is home to a strong and growing cyclocross scene, and we’re loading up with our cyclocross-specific stuff to help you make the most of your Iceman fitness deep into November and December. Check out our famous Portable Barriers, the new Flandrien Barriers, and our innovative Pit Box!

The Expo is also the last chance for riders to stock up on stuff for race day, too. We’re bringing a run of special Scout Tools loaded up with a 16g CO2; toss this in your pocket before you hit the start line, and you’ll be ready for anything that the notoriously brutal Michigan weather and demanding trails can throw at you.

If that doesn’t get you to stop by, these two factoids will. First, we’re right across from the Bell’s Brewery booth. Second, we’re giving away a $200 gift certificate just for signing up for our newsletter! That’s $200 to spend online, where you’ll be able to pick out the exact storage package to suit your space, your quiver of bikes, and your style of storing.

For more on the Expo, make sure you head here

We’ve got the fever; this is the biggest event of the year, and is pulling out all the stops to make it fun for all of our pals.