Quarantine 'Cross...What You're Loving During Lockdown!

by up.bike

Around the world, cyclists are stuck at home. We had no idea what would happen with our product line-up as riders locked down and kept their rides increasingly close to home. So far, it seems a lot of folks are turning to cyclocross! 

Depending on where you’re at in the United States, your local health department may have a very different approach to any stay-at-home orders. Local guidelines, too, have offered different levels of restriction not just on daily life and ordinary businesses, but even our regular exercise habits. Especially those in hot spot areas, there are a lot of good reasons to riding close to home as much as possible. But we can only ride inside so much, and while there are some really cool things happening on platforms like Zwift and BKool right now, spring is a tempting time to get outside.

And just what you folks are doing is clear; you’re making cyclocross courses! Our top-selling product since the few lockdown orders has been our Portable Barriers. It really makes a lot of sense. Playgrounds might be closed, but the parks and fields themselves aren’t. That leaves a lot of great grass to set-up a fun loop for yourself and the kids to practice skills, build a little fitness, and have some fun, too.

It worked out pretty darn well that we just finished up a fresh batch of the Barriers in Ellen Noble Pink. We’re not saying it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for every single mom out there, but it does seem like it covers most of them.

Check out the full line-up of cyclocross products here, and if you got questions, let us know